Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger In 2017

Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger In 2017

Step 1: Become A Voracious Reader

Step 2: Dare To Be Different

Step 3: Invest In Yourself And Your Blog

Step 4. Create And Sell Products (Add new income streams)

Unfortunately, most users think that the journey to making much money online is a matter of setting up a blog or website, publishing, some Google ads, and then sleeping.

Becoming A Successful Blogger

I started my first blog. But before I did, I read hundreds of blog posts and consumed a ton of websites, search on google etc.

so that contained tips on blogging and how to become a successful blogging so, before I started making a few dollars from my efforts.

and you also spend a few extra dollars to spread the word about their blogs across the internet.

if you are just starting out on your blogging journey, what techniques are you using to help your efforts along? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hello! March 20 2017 the Blogger Updates more new style Blogger themes. so now you can choose different themes and all themes are available, with fully customize able. and these themes are good and automatically adjust to any screen and load very fast. and now bloggers can have up to 100 blogs per account. Blogger Blog-spot With New Great themes
Blogger allows its users to choose from various templates and then customize them. 

Users may also choose to create their own templates. 

1: Contempo:  Light, Dark, Pink, Aqua, Flamingo.
2: Soho: Light, Dark, Neon, Pink, Red.
3: Emporio: Porcelain, Toolbox, Apron, Technica, Flamingo.
4: Notable: Light, Coral, Dracula, Pink, Antique.

these themes are really good looking, user friendly, fast load. You can create up to 100 blogs so. you can give a try to these themes just by creating a new theme. Or Always keep back up of your old theme. You can Use these themes in you blog just in a click for that just visit and click in themes.  

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Enable Free HTTPS SSL Certificate in Blogger Blog

If you are looking security measures to your blogger blog, and worried about your blogger blog attacked from malware. Moving from HTTP to HTTPS and installing an SSL certificate to your blogger blog in this post. Now I am showing you how to enable free HTTPS, SSL certificate in Blogger. Blogger issue free SSL Certificate Service, so now you can protect your blogger blog & your visitors by adding an extra layer of security.

What is SSL Certificate?
An SSL Certificate is a security layer which increases the security in a website and a user. And protect the data transfer with a secure connection. And hackers do not get access to the information of a particulate user. Every site has a unique SSL Certificate this helps in identifying secure internet connection. Any website or blog that is pretending to have a secure SSL: HTTPS net connection and its certificate do not match, and then your browsers will give you the following warning message below.

Why You Should Use SSL
Search engine ranking and SEO, Google gives more importance to HTTPS blog,s than HTTP blog,s. Having a secure net connection gives a good message to the search engine that you give importance to your blog security for user,s. So thats the reason why blog/site which have a secure connection, and other sites/blog which don,t have a secure SSL connection. thats why we should use SSL Certificate. 

How to Enable HTTPS SSL Certificate in Blogger Blog
Blogger only offers a free SSL Certificate to blogger users. and  custom domains does not support this feature only free domains (blogspot) can get free SSL certificates.

1: Login to Blogger and select your Blog 

2: Now Go to >>> Settings >>> Basics >>> HTTPS Settings

3: Click >>> HTTPS Availability and then select >>> YES

DON :) now your blog has a unique SSL certificate which will provide an extra layer of security to your blog/site. This Post may have helped you in learning how to add a Free HTTPS, SSL certificate in your blogger blog free.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Top Ways Students Can Make Money Online 2017

Now a days students are very advanced and fast, and every day they are looking something new about making money online at home. And they like to play games, and watching movies, etc., for enjoying the lifestyle. So many students are not the very handsome amount of money in their pocket. And they want to get more and more money to get new things.
So if you are a student and you can, t spare a too much time for a job and you also a jobless person, then follow these ways to make money online in 2017.

A 1st way for students to earn money online is a Blogging. If you have strong writing skills and you believe that you can write well to attract readers towards your blog then you do that easily. You just make your free blog account at and start writing your blog. Write topic of interest, and target your audience. Look how to making blogger account easily. 
If you think you don’t have time to write, blog, So don’t worry. Because you don, t need to spend a lot of time. You just Spending 4-6 hours a week when you are free. You can also schedule your posts weekly to save more time. But always write quality and good content.

Offering a Service 
If you some skill you can offer it to random people. And you can sell your any services via social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, You can offer them services like photography, photo or video editing, (Sale bags, jewelry, creative cards etc.).
You also same other products like toys, clothes, movies, DVD, s, books, Games and many other accessories you want to sell.

YouTube Videos
YouTube recently introduced a new feature known as (YouTube Partner Program) that enables you to get profit out of your videos. Just creative any video with a good subject and post it on YouTube. And you will get advertising revenue. Many students make hundreds of videos every week, to earn Good amount of money to YouTube Monetize.

Sell your Photos
If you think you have got some pictures with creativity. Then there are some photo stock websites that enables you to upload your pictures. You can make money by selling the pictures easily. The websites like (Photolia) or (iStock Photo) allows you to upload your pictures for free and you get paid.

Sell Your Notes
Sharing your notes with other students, this is the best way to earn some cash other than your pocket money. Many websites are doing this job just search on Google, to some websites to which you can upload your notes. After uploading your notes you will get paid every time when someone will download your notes. Many websites allow you to upload your notes for free, and they will cut some amount of your profit.

Above tips might be helpful to you and I hope you like these tips and tricks to make money online and will follow them in your free time. If you have any question about this post please write your comments below.

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Youtube Monetization in Pakistan Open Now

Youtube Monetization in Pakistan
YouTube original content creators in Pakistan can now monetize their videos.
Pakistanis can now make money on YouTube. it has been announced that content creators in the country can now make money online. But YouTube doesn’t allow Monetisation in all markets making this is a significant development towards Pakistan’s market so far.

if YouTube detects anyone can use copyright content so may Adsense account banned as YouTube. Only original content, videos can be monetized on YouTube. and Don,t use any blatant copying of videos.

For monetize your YouTube Channel, Just follow the following steps Below:

1: Go to after logging in to your YouTube account.

2: Press the icon which is Shows Enable (Monetization).

3: Accept the terms and conditions and you will be Don :)

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Blogger Introduced Sitemaps For Static Pages

Blogger Introduced Sitemaps For "Static Pages"
Sitemap.xml file for "Blogger Blogs" are linking of all (Blogger Posts) published by a user. if file did not include at list of "Static pages" which this sitemap, so these pages also don't appear in the sitemap at atom.xml & there is no way to publish a file on blogger blog. So Blogger now auto generates a separate dynamic sitemap for blog pages which contains list of all static pages published. The sitemap for blogger,s blog, static pages is located at -- /sitemap-pages.xml. -- You can now easily submit your pages to search engines to properly get them crawled and indexed in Google search engine.
Where located is your Static Pages Sitemap 

You can access your pages sitemap by typing the following (URL) in your browser bar.

Just replace below Domain with your blog,s domain name.

For example look my sitemap.

Submit Static Pages Sitemap To Google Search Console
Submit your static pages to Google so that search robots could index.
Now follow these below steps:

1: Go to Google search console, at "Google webmaster tools"
2: Select your blog from the list provided
3: Select Crawl >>> and then Sitemaps from the left sidebar menu
4: Now click (ADD/TEST SITEMAP) button towards yours top right side.
5: Insert sitemap "pages.xml" inside the text field.
6: Click (Submit) button.

You can applies same method  for all other search engines like Yahoo & Bing etc.
Why Static Pages not indexed by Google?
Google can only index pages which have not been tagged as (noindex). If you have selected the (noindex) option from page settings while publishing a Page using blogger editor then this page will be submitted to Google by the sitemap but it will not be indexed unless you uncheck this (noindex) box at right side of your blogger post writing page.
For example in my case i have submit 104 pages but only 96 are indexed. This is because we have set 8 pages as noindex. 
(write your comments below if you have any question about this post, Thanks! )

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