Friday, January 30, 2015

Feedburner Recent Posts Widget For Blogger

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Today I show you how to add a recent posts widget by Feedburner you your blogger blog. And this is the most important for your blog. This widget is very fast loading. Because many blog loading speed is very slow. And the feedburner java-script code is fast loading, because this widget are don't directly linked in your blog. So loading time are shared with Feedburner that's why this widget are loading very fast. Feedburner is a Google product.

Feedburner Recent Posts Widget for Blogger
Feedburner is the best web service for submitting your blog feed and RSS. You also Subscription Email form & feed counter and most importantly a Recent Post widget is a good tool of Feedburner. And this service is totally free.
These are some easy steps you follow me

1: Sign up feedburner Account, using your g-mail id. 
2: after Log in your account click on the Publicize button as shown below,
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4. after click this page are open,
Just fill this form and leave all boxes in checked, and select your links you must be choose under the (9) links. As low as possible.

5: Now copy the code shown below,
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7: Select add a New gadget and then select HTML/JavaScript widget,
8: paste the code into HTML/JavaScript widget and save settings. 
9: your feedburner recent posts widget are successfully install.

if you liked the Feedburner Widget drop your experience in below message area. :)

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