Sunday, August 1, 2021

Monetize Your Blog And Make Money Online

Monetize Your Blog And  Make Money Online

Monetize Your Blog And Make Money Online

If you are looking best ways to monetize your blog or website and make money online, so read this article acre fully. 

Monetizing your blog, and website it is important that your content gets a good amount of audience. The best blogs are those whose target is on a specific topic niche, & keywords always provide quality content of the high volume of users. 

And once you are sure you have an engaging blog, you can go ahead and monetize it to any platform ads, Google ads,, or many others platform. 

I have already shared best ways students can make money online and today we will share the following best ways ever to monetize your online blog and make money on it.  

ᐅ Advertisements

Don, t be confused. Pay-per-click, (PPC) ads, to your blog is not making money for you unless you have a minimum good visitor amount 20,000 to 50,000 approximately. after that you placement your ads on blog.  

Your blog topic and ads, niche are related to the same topic. Always chosen industry, or niche. After the end you will eligible to earn good earning PPC ads.  

ᐅ Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers are using affiliate marketing for good earning. These works good  who are just starting their blogs or websites. And yet don, t have any products to sell. 

You just check closely your blog content is related to the affiliate products. For Example: Beauty tips Bloggers are, push to Makeup and related accessories of woman eats, and blog visitor will be attracted or buy the products also. 

ᐅ Email Marketing

I think email marketing is the first step to the make money on your blog. You build mailing list and send regular emails. After you get strong relation with your email reading peoples, and you can easily sell any affiliate product to the audience.  

ᐅ Sell eBooks

sell on eBooks on your blog, to get make money online

ᐅ Sell Courses

You can also earn selling online courses, can can make video courses about, beauty tips, graphic design, because people are looking skills online. You can easily sell your courses on your blog. 

ᐅ Sell Digital Products

Make money with your blog,  you create digital product content with things information. You also sale other products on this blog, included software related. 

ᐅ Send PHP Email In HTML Format

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Make Money Tiktok Monetize

Make Money Tiktok Monetize

Hay, my name is "Adeel" and I live in Pakistan. 

Well, today we will talk about TikTok to make money online. so if you creating interesting content yourself and many people's video are going viral overnight. everyone are interest in this "app" for just enjoying to look videos each others, teenagers and also young people like this (app) and searching about make money to  "TikTok" and now a days I see that many of thousand of people are waiting and growing up our ides to years, are just looking when TikTok are start (Monetize).

People are convert to TikTok early so that why people are searching more and more to Google to this keyword, (Make Money From TikTok)

Today I will cover up how you monetize and make money to TikTok to your following. many was that I am know but I am telling your best ways actually to make money from TikTok. because now a days TikTok are more then strong vs Instagram's and others social apps. 

Lets Start :

what u can do now 

Growing TikTok, id and selling them.

Many e-Commerce experts already sale TikTok accounts, just becoming get more followers and selling them. to grow up your account choose best niche or topic and get attract people to follow your id. already many of people are growing up TikTok profiles and creating best content who like people. because always good content goes viral and attract many of many people who watch your video. 

during grow up your account you also selling any products because who buy your account, they are selling any product brands easy to sell products. also people are selling through TikTok Live. seller are launching products while livestreaming and also holding auctions during live. 

and yes you can drop your link, were your followers go and purchase your brand product.

if you easily grow up your community to any topic, and people are love to see your topic, so you can easily access to get your target and sell your account. 

Campaigns on TikTok

creating agreement to any brand who want to sale our product and you will charge a service fee to make campaigns. 

you also using ads platform, to using TikTok ads you growing your account faster and selling product too. paid traffic on TikTok also growing your followers. 

you also do on TikTok, to make money 

# Management Services



Pakistani Youtuber Make Money Online YouTube

Make Money Online

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Seven Edits That Will Better Your Content Writing

Seven Edits That Will Better Your Content Writing

There’s no such thing as perfect writing. Grammar blunders, we all have them, even our writing heroes. Their writing may even be no better than yours the first time around. 

Well, sure, their end product is probably better, but regardless, all drafts are the same: sloppy and downright difficult to digest. Well then, if that’s the case, then how come there are so many awesome bloggers making a fortune on the internet, while there are others who barely earn a single follow?

What all successful bloggers have in common is that they all edit their work before declaring it as a finished product. Writing everything they want to say is just the first phase of their writing schema.

Every draft is like a rough diamond. Unearthing one is just the beginning. You’ll have to cut it to reveal its clarity and beauty. This is why many of the most popular bloggers hire a professional editor, to transform their rough drafts to a real work of art. You nailed it! – Someone else is helping them.

That seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that their writing seems flawless. Don’t go cursing and accusing bloggers of being cheaters. Some bloggers are really just busy with their everyday schedule that they’d rather have someone else do the editing for them. 

Even so, there are still bloggers who do the editing themselves, which they did by working their way to learning the craft. Editing isn’t exactly rocket science if you just have someone to show you how it’s done.

That being said, let’s break down the rules that’ll transform your dull writing piece to one that’ll break the record:
1: Don’t Use Empty Filler Words

Empty fillers are sometimes called grammar expletives. These are words or phrases that don’t add any substantial meaning to the context.

They usually start with there, it, and there, followed by a form of a verb to be. One of the most common phrases includes the words it was, it is, it will, it won’t, here is, it takes, there will be, there is. 

These words and phrases are empty and meaningless, only making the text unnecessarily wordier without adding any significant value to the paragraph.

What’s wrong with being wordy? I mean, sure, there are lots of cases when we need to catch a certain word count. When you use fillers to refer to nouns later in the sentence, your writing weakens as it shifts emphasis away from the real meaning of your writing.

2: Use Action Words

We are fond of making our writing lengthier. As such, we often write our stuff using weak verbs. Examples are: assist, help, gain, receive, deal, handle, learn, seek out, set up, and enhance. 

Weak verbs occur when we write “she is blogging”, when we can just write “she blogs”, “she is enjoying” instead of, “she enjoys”, and “she was sleeping” instead of “she slept”.
What’s wrong with weak verbs? We write to express. Using weak verbs makes it more difficult for the reader to digest the meaning of our writing.

Instead of using weak verbs, use action or visceral verbs that directly point to the meaning of the sentence. Examples are: ate, kissed, killed, slept, drank, went, and flew. 

3: Don’t Use Weak Adjectives

Everything in your article should be easy to understand. You shouldn’t bombard your article with words that’ll make it hard for the reader to understand your writing. That being said, you should be specific when using adjectives.

Examples of weak adjectives are: really bad, really good, very big, and very beautiful. How bad is really bad? How good is really good? How big is very big? 

How beautiful is very beautiful? Refrain from using words or phrases that depict that you don’t know a specific word. Instead, use words like terrible, great, huge, and gorgeous. 

4: Don’t Be Verbose

Do you remember sleeping on your lectures back in high school? What do you think kept you from listening and staying awake? The long and boring lesson, right? Your prof could have explained it using few words, but he still insisted on making it long and difficult for you. 

Remember how you hated that? Well, that’s how your readers probably feel, whenever you go all verbose on them. Tell them exactly what’s up. Tips to follow are:

1    Be direct to the point
2    Don’t use colloquial phrases
3    Don’t use highfalutin words
4    Research

I bet you’re wondering what the last part was for. Well, of course, you’re going to have to be straight to the point for your readers to stick. 

Of course, it’s going to lead to a lesser word count. And of course, you need to stick to a much a higher word count. 

And that is precisely why you have to make tons of research: to make your article as valuable as possible.
5: Avoid nationalization

Nationalization occurs when you use a lengthier equivalent of a phrase or sentence when you can just write in a simpler form. Examples are:

ONE-Alcohol is the cause of driving accidents – Alcohol causes driving accidents
TWO-Sabrina is showing signs of high intelligence – Sabrina is intelligent

6: Use Proper Punctuation

Everything is easily understood through face to face conversations. Things toughen when we write it. Facial expressions, gestures, and body language – these all contribute to how effective communication will be. \

So, with all those things absent in writing, how can we make ourselves clear to our readers? Proper punctuation, of course. 

Place a period at the end of every sentence. 

Use a question mark when you’re referring to a question. Place a comma whenever there’s a pause in your sentence. 

7: Make Use Of Noun Modifiers Whenever Possible

Again, we’re used to making our writing lengthier. As a result, we prefer using unnecessary and long words, instead of using noun modifiers. 

Noun modifiers are two nouns used together where the first noun modifies the second one. Examples are:

1    Benefits of reading – Reading benefits
2    Tips on proofreading – Proofreading tips
3    Basics of SEO , SEO basics

Where am I going with all of these? To write clearly and effectively, you just have to be well-understood. 

We write to express. That being said, your writing should send a clear message to the readers. 

Focus on making your writing as direct to the point as possible. Don’t confuse your readers just so you can reach a word count. 

There are only two things to remember: be direct and do research.

Make Money Online

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger In 2017

Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger In 2017

Step 1: Become A Voracious Reader

Step 2: Dare To Be Different

Step 3: Invest In Yourself And Your Blog

Step 4. Create And Sell Products (Add new income streams)

Unfortunately, most users think that the journey to making much money online is a matter of setting up a blog or website, publishing, some Google ads, and then sleeping.

Becoming A Successful Blogger

I started my first blog. But before I did, I read hundreds of blog posts and consumed a ton of websites, search on google etc.

so that contained tips on blogging and how to become a successful blogging so, before I started making a few dollars from my efforts.

and you also spend a few extra dollars to spread the word about their blogs across the internet.

if you are just starting out on your blogging journey, what techniques are you using to help your efforts along? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hello! March 20 2017 the Blogger Updates more new style Blogger themes. so now you can choose different themes and all themes are available, with fully customize able. and these themes are good and automatically adjust to any screen and load very fast. and now bloggers can have up to 100 blogs per account. Blogger Blog-spot With New Great themes
Blogger allows its users to choose from various templates and then customize them. 

Users may also choose to create their own templates. 

1: Contempo:  Light, Dark, Pink, Aqua, Flamingo.
2: Soho: Light, Dark, Neon, Pink, Red.
3: Emporio: Porcelain, Toolbox, Apron, Technica, Flamingo.
4: Notable: Light, Coral, Dracula, Pink, Antique.

these themes are really good looking, user friendly, fast load. You can create up to 100 blogs so. you can give a try to these themes just by creating a new theme. Or Always keep back up of your old theme. You can Use these themes in you blog just in a click for that just visit and click in themes.  

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Enable Free HTTPS SSL Certificate in Blogger Blog

Enable Free HTTPS SSL Certificate in Blogger Blog

If you are looking security measures to your blogger blog, and worried about your blogger blog attacked from malware. Moving from HTTP to HTTPS and installing an SSL certificate to your blogger blog in this post. Now I am showing you how to enable free HTTPS, SSL certificate in Blogger. Blogger issue free SSL Certificate Service, so now you can protect your blogger blog & your visitors by adding an extra layer of security.

What is SSL Certificate?
An SSL Certificate is a security layer which increases the security in a website and a user. And protect the data transfer with a secure connection. And hackers do not get access to the information of a particulate user. Every site has a unique SSL Certificate this helps in identifying secure internet connection. Any website or blog that is pretending to have a secure SSL: HTTPS net connection and its certificate do not match, and then your browsers will give you the following warning message below.

Why You Should Use SSL
Search engine ranking and SEO, Google gives more importance to HTTPS blog,s than HTTP blog,s. Having a secure net connection gives a good message to the search engine that you give importance to your blog security for user,s. So thats the reason why blog/site which have a secure connection, and other sites/blog which don,t have a secure SSL connection. thats why we should use SSL Certificate. 

How to Enable HTTPS SSL Certificate in Blogger Blog
Blogger only offers a free SSL Certificate to blogger users. and  custom domains does not support this feature only free domains (blogspot) can get free SSL certificates.

1: Login to Blogger and select your Blog 

2: Now Go to >>> Settings >>> Basics >>> HTTPS Settings

3: Click >>> HTTPS Availability and then select >>> YES

DON :) now your blog has a unique SSL certificate which will provide an extra layer of security to your blog/site. This Post may have helped you in learning how to add a Free HTTPS, SSL certificate in your blogger blog free.

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