Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

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The most social bookmarking sites allow through to shear the items based, category like "Blogging" and "Shopping Online" News and ETC. for new blogger user and webmasters are very impotent this topic to high page rank and traffic. Social bookmarking is a social connecting, to people service to use social bookmarking you send or shear your website links to social websites, and increase your search engine page ranking and traffic. and you can be shared people or groups privately on social media networks system. i will shear to you some Best social websites, below. 
Facebook: Everyone like and know Facebook. and Facebook is the Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites. user can make Brand page on Facebook and talk to each other,s and Facebook Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors are above (1100,000,000). 
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Twitter: is online social networking site. and Twitter is a very effective bookmarking service. to increase your page traffic and page rank. and twitter is a very big social media network in the world. and Twitter Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors are (320,000,000). 
Google Plus: if you want to best page rank and back links, Google plus is the best platform in the whole internet search engine. because Google is already a very dig search engine. and this is most powerful social network. and Google Plus+ Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors are (120,000,000). above.  
Pinterest: is place to share online images and text, and you create Boards for any topic what you want. Pinterest Estimated Monthly Visitors are (113,000,000).
Reddit: you also use this to share you social bookmarking, and Reddit Estimated Monthly Visitors are (110,000,000). 
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Tumblr:  is also good and friendly for webmasters, you also submit your social Bookmarking to Tumblr. and (Tumblr) Estimated Monthly Visitors are (100,000,000). above.

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