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Blogger Vs WordPress, Which one is the best

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 Blogger Vs WordPress (Which one is the best)
if you are confuse to choice what blogging platform you are select to start your website/blog. (WordPress & Blogger) are main platform in internet world. so lets judge which one is Good for blogging. i just measure "Blogger and WordPress" is my personal experience. and i make (Features Chart) Below.
                  FEATURES                                             WHO,S WON                  
1: Template Customization.                                         Blogger                      
2: SEO, Optimization Friendly.                                     Both                          
3: Widgets                                                                  Blogger                     
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4: Help & Guide.                                                          Blogger                    
5: Number of Templates/Themes (free).                       Blogger                      
6: Best and Good Templates Collection.                        WordPress                 
7: Easy and User friendly "Coding".                               Blogger                     
8: User Comments Area.                                              WorldPress              
9: User Comment Restriction.                                       Blogger                      
10: Image & File storage limit.                                     WorldPress                
11: Blog Stats.                                                            Blogger                    
12: Advertisements friendly.                                        Blogger                     
13: Feed Post on Mobile Apps.                                      Blogger                     
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14: Video storage limit.                                                Blogger                     
15: Easy Dashboard.                                                    Blogger                     
16: Post by email & RSS.                                              Both                          

To see above chart, i suggest and recommend (Blogger). if you are new to use blogging, you will choose Blogger, because blogger are Good and easy to use. and i also use Blogger Platform. 
Blogger are best those who will not afford costly hosting. blogger is always provide you free hosting, Temples, with Customize with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic.

So lets (Start) and see how to create you 1st blog, at blogger platform.  

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