Saturday, January 17, 2015

Beautiful Social Sharing Widget for Blogger

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Beautiful social sharing widget for blogger. Many bloggers are like clean and simple sharing widget. You just easily implement this to your blog/website easily.

How to add this social sharing widget to your blog/website?
1: simply Go to Blogger Dashboard >>> Layout >>> Add a Gadget >>> HTML/JavaScript
2: copy and Paste the following below code.
<style>/* Sidebar Widget MyBloggerTools . Com  */.sidebar .social_media { overflow:hidden;  }.sidebar .social_media ul { padding:0; }.sidebar .social_media ul li { margin:0 5px 0 0!important; float:left; padding:0; }.sidebar .social_media .social_media_icon {width:64px; height:64px; display:block;}* social media for sidebar --- */.sidebar .social_media .social_media_icon {}.sidebar .social_media .twitter_icon {background:url( no-repeat 0 0 transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .facebook_icon {background:url( no-repeat -74px 0 transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .gplus_icon {background:url( no-repeat -147px 0 transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .rss_icon {background:url( no-repeat -221px 0 transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .twitter_icon:hover {background:url( no-repeat 0 -70px transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .facebook_icon:hover {background:url( no-repeat -74px -70px transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .gplus_icon:hover {background:url( no-repeat -147px -70px transparent;}.sidebar .social_media .rss_icon:hover {background:url( no-repeat -221px -70px transparent;}</style><div class="widget social_media"><ul>                  <li><a class="social_media_icon twitter_icon" href=""></a>  </li>                             <li> <a class="social_media_icon facebook_icon" href=""></a> </li>                             <li>  <a class="social_media_icon gplus_icon" href=""></a> </li>                             <li> <a class="social_media_icon rss_icon" href=""></a>  </li>           </ul>   </div>

3: Change with your Twitter (URL)

4: Change with your Facebook (URL)

5: Change with your Google Plus (URL)

6: Change with your Feed-burner (URL)

7: Save your Layout

8: your new social sharing widget is installed successfully! So enjoy this.

If you have any question about  this social sharing widget you can below comments area. :)  How To Make Money Online ...:::: Earn Methods ::::...
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