Saturday, January 24, 2015

Select a Perfect Blogger Blog Design

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Today I am going to share some things about how to select a perfect blogger blog design. And telling you some basic trick to make a good blog design. And if you apply these settings in your blogger blog, you can get more attractive user to read your blog.

Choose a Professional Blog Design
Select such design which is accessible to every device. We called such theme/template named Professional. In the easy world your website/blog will look professional and your blog looks completely on every device, PC Laptop iPad Tablet and Mobile Phones etc. if your website look is responsive design so you get good traffic as well as reduce your page rank ranking on the search engines. My suggestion is you use fully clean and beautiful web design on your blog.

Choose a Compatible Design To every Browser
Most important step is when you select a blog design for your blog you must be chosen SEO optimized friendly design. Because 95% new blogger is ignored and this is a big mistake witch they are doing. Every new and professional blogger wants to maximize his earning and traffic. A good template design is like every business owner and you getting more customer to like use your advertisement space. So make your web template design compatible and easy to use for every browser.
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Make you Blog Fast Loading Time
Use any Error and fast loading template to your blog. Use such design which can load faster, because visitors are very excited to approach your blog and get information, also advertiser doesn't like a blog/web take time in loading. These days every person is crazy to get information fast. So it will be v. good to make your blog simple, clean & beautiful look, and also load speedily as much as. Avoid use heavy Java script, html, etc., to your blog, heavy widget also makes your blog heavy and for this reason your blog speed are slow, & disturb your users.

Can I Buy Perfect Blogger Blog Design Template ?
Yes, you can buy blogger template, but I recommend is make your own template design, because you will know what you need. If you don't make your template then you buy any good template and make some changes. If you are using Blogger Platform you can get a cool template at

Free Blogger Template Websites 

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