Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Google Warning Again On Blocking GoogleBot For JavaScript And CSS

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Google warned against websites or blogs, blocking its access to their CSS and JavaScript files to make it open for (GoogleBot). Google, s recent email warning through the webmaster console could open a new discussion. This time Google is very serious and making sure the message is loud and clear by using notifications via email and the Webmaster Search Console.

So that's why Google is so determined to crawl your website/blog is to see it like an average user. When you block the causes and javeScript to access from (Google-bot) cannot access your website or blog layout easily and will probably never know if its user friendly.

Notification Copy Look Below Picture 
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If You Received This Notification, How To Solve This Issue? 
Simply follow the instructions in the email to diagnose the issue. And look what is blocked by your robots file. If you receive this notice you can easily fix this issue. So you want to just update your robots file with below code to unblock java-script & cases to your blog.
User-Agent: Googlebot  
Allow: .js
Allow: .css
Identify and Fix Indexing Issues on Your Website through webmaster Console
CSS & JavaScript improve interaction with (GoogleBot)
As usual Google wants to improve the quality of the content and services it provides to its users and it only wants to render and index websites that are user-friendly and have quality content. Blocking your CSS and JavaScript files will harm your website chances of getting better rendering and indexing.
So if you don,t want to lose your website/blog ranking, you have to let the (GoogleBot) to access your CSS & JavaScript or Files.

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