Sunday, August 1, 2021

Monetize Your Blog And Make Money Online

Monetize Your Blog And Make Money Online

If you are looking best ways to monetize your blog or website and make money online, so read this article acre fully. 

Monetizing your blog, and website it is important that your content gets a good amount of audience. The best blogs are those whose target is on a specific topic niche, & keywords always provide quality content of the high volume of users. 

And once you are sure you have an engaging blog, you can go ahead and monetize it to any platform ads, Google ads,, or many others platform. 

I have already shared best ways students can make money online and today we will share the following best ways ever to monetize your online blog and make money on it.  

ᐅ Advertisements

Don, t be confused. Pay-per-click, (PPC) ads, to your blog is not making money for you unless you have a minimum good visitor amount 20,000 to 50,000 approximately. after that you placement your ads on blog.  

Your blog topic and ads, niche are related to the same topic. Always chosen industry, or niche. After the end you will eligible to earn good earning PPC ads.  

ᐅ Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers are using affiliate marketing for good earning. These works good  who are just starting their blogs or websites. And yet don, t have any products to sell. 

You just check closely your blog content is related to the affiliate products. For Example: Beauty tips Bloggers are, push to Makeup and related accessories of woman eats, and blog visitor will be attracted or buy the products also. 

ᐅ Email Marketing

I think email marketing is the first step to the make money on your blog. You build mailing list and send regular emails. After you get strong relation with your email reading peoples, and you can easily sell any affiliate product to the audience.  

ᐅ Sell eBooks

sell on eBooks on your blog, to get make money online

ᐅ Sell Courses

You can also earn selling online courses, can can make video courses about, beauty tips, graphic design, because people are looking skills online. You can easily sell your courses on your blog. 

ᐅ Sell Digital Products

Make money with your blog,  you create digital product content with things information. You also sale other products on this blog, included software related. 

ᐅ Send PHP Email In HTML Format

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